To be all you want to BE - you have to REALIGN your BELIEFS & VALUES 

and turn them into the CHANGE you want to BE-come. 


Laila St. Matthew-Daniel



If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely.

"....If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. In our thoughts and words, we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts. We can always replace negative with positive."  The Choice is yours to make.....
-Betty Eadie


- Do you need Clarity in Your Life or your Business?

-Are you confused about the path to take?

-Stuck in a timeframe and unable to progress?

-Desire to transform your situation?

-Have no clue on how to set your goals or visualize your goals?

- Have challenges with productivity and performance of your workforce?

- Feel a sense of loosing yourself as an Executive?


Then we can help you with our "MEND-Resolutions" intervention methods to unravel the knots - through any of our programs below.

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    MEND-R Corporate Training

    MEND-R™ Corporate Trainings are targeted trainings to address team silos, behavioural issues that may compromise the goals and focus of the organization.  Read more.

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    MEND-R Transformational Coaching

    MEND-R™  helps individuals to achieve Improved clarity of purpose in your personal life -resolution of "who am I", "why am I in this situation" and "how can I move forward".  Read more

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    MEND-R Key Note Speaker

    Laila St Matthew-Daniel is one of the most sort after Key Note Speakers for Corporate and Conference Events. You can engage her for your next event. Read More


Our Keys To A Transformational Lifestyle


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Attitudes are the established ways of responding to people and situations that we have learned, based on the beliefs, values and assumptions we hold. Attitudes become manifest through your behavior. Read More


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For deeper and sustainable changes, we use coaching, psychology, and NLP, to address the limiting beliefs and negative habitual behaviours that make training non productive and sustainable.The life coaching..... Read More


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We treat training with utmost importance and work with a diagnostic needs analysis to make sure the organization gets the results that they want, thereby affecting their bottom line. Whilst we are aware that.. Read More


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You can’t achieve much in life if you don't master “SELF”! Most self made billionaires will tell you how they had to master their own attitude and behavior.  Bill Gates, as ......  Read More


Do you NEED to

Develop yourself?

Online Personal Development Courses will be launched soon.

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Clients And What They Say.

"We were having productivity issues and called in Laila St. Matthew-Daniel and her team. The sessions we had were very impactful, especially the ones on Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Diversity.  We ended the 3 days session with a focus for our different departments.  Looking forward to more training from Jacinta's"


-Ben Ekemode (Sifax)

"Jacinta's team are skilled at delivering the outcomes that they say they would.  Their attitude and behavioural change trainings were deep and challenged all that we knew.  We were really imbibed with new knowledge not only for the organization but for ourselves as well.  Being a leader, the challenges are quite heavy but we were even taught skills to relieve stress.  Thank you for your time with us. 

- Franklyn Oyobio Eta Zuma

"I came for the Vision Board training not knowing what to expect - but one thing was that I was very confused about what I wanted.  Her method of delivering the vision board training before we started, opened up my mind from the clutter I felt.  I was really surprised that I had so much within me which I expressed through my board.  I know that I will achieve all I set out.  I am looking forward to the Goal Setting class. 

- Stephen

Laila is a beautiful woman who is passionate about "saving the world" in a very active way. With her in your corner, you know you have a dependable ally.💪🏾💃


Tony Uranta

"Been an amazing journey with this "Journey to Self Discovery" course.  So many discoveries I am making about myself.  I found that I began to have a different perspective even concerning my work and my colleagues.  Thanks, Mrs. D for this opportunity."

- Roseline

"I thought I had got control of my feelings but when I started the second lesson of the course 'Rebuilding Your Life After Abuse" I found myself crying which surprised me greatly.  I needed this course.  I have had to face the effects of unforgiveness and bitterness and how it can reflect on one's health. So many areas.  I am happy I took the course.  And the beautiful thing is that she is always ready to assist.

Mrs. S


Guess Who Stopped By For His Vision Board Class?

The vision board is an awesome visualization tool that you use to create an intentional and focused goal of what you want and need.  Great achievers always have a vision board for each stage of their focus.

There are many ways of delivering the training but the way we do so is unique and you will not leave the class the same.

Next Vision Board Training is on January, 12th to set the pace for 2020.  Registration soon on.

There will be an ONLINE VISION BOARD Course shortly - to enable people not resident in Lagos get the training.

COVID -19 lockdown brought about a disruption and a complete change in working habits. People had to work from home. Very challenging at first, but gradually people settled down into the ‘new normal’ as it is referred to. After the lockdown was lifted, some organizations worked on an on-off basis.
Personal Development
As I said in Part 1 of HOW TO THRIVE IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES – many people in the US, Europe etc., are becoming overwhelmed by the changes effects of COVID-19 and we are only beginning to understand the seriousness of the pandemic… even then people are still not taking
Personal Development
Let me start by quoting Fr Jerry Orbos of Moments who said – “Let this COVID-19 outbreak cleanse, purify, and transfigute us all.  How fragile life is, and how things can just change in an instant!  How little  are our achievements, possessions and plans.  Perhaps we all can become less
Personal Development   ,
My ‘tango’ with creating a goal focused vision board started in 2017. With the law of attraction and the talk of ‘visualizing’ and ‘calling into being what is not’ – I found that focusing on what you want and putting structures and plans into place could actually provoke the universe
Personal Development

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