Many organizations are unable to meet their goals because of various attitudinal and behavioural issues that affect the bottom line.  Leaders are driven to their wits end trying to get their teams to work together so as to deliver optimal productivity.

We assist in giving solutions to enable optimal productivity with our MEND-R Transformational Leadership Coaching programs which are designed to empower Executives, Management, and personnel in Managerial positions to achieve their utmost peak performance.  We also deal with attitude and behavioural issues amongst the 'drivers' of the organization.
Some of our transformative programs:
  • Organizational Culture Design - Excellence & Diversity
  • Transformational Leadership Coaching
  • Building Trust in Leadership.
  • Work/Life Integration Coaching.
  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery  For Leaders
  • Communication & Culture of Excellence
  • Health and Wellbeing Retreat for Success & Productivity.
  • Team Building Dynamics.
  • Attitude & Behavioural Change
  • Conflict Resolution and Anger Management.
  • Business Etiquette & Professionalism.
  • Life Adjustment Programme - Preparing For Retirement
  • Toxic Emotions & Productivity: The effect of violence on the bottom line.

The value of our services for Organisations:

  • Optimised organisational performance and productivity
  • Increased interpersonal connectivity
  • Cultural diversity management in the workplace
  • Conflict management resolutions
  • Capacity to network profitably
  • Mend the cause and effects of norms informing your organisations inefficiencies and ineffectiveness

MEND-R programs can be ‘bespoke,’ organized in-house or planned retreat, within Lagos, Out-of-State or Country. We can also work with your Organization for 'specific needs' coaching' and training.

Our methodology -  we carry out a 'needs' analysis of what may be required to enable focused programs to be created.

Please contact us for consultation.