HEALING from Trauma,
Breakup & Betrayal

"There isn’t a person in the world who
hasn’t been hurt by someone
– whether it is an emotional, business,
family or friendship. The challenge is
the ability to release the pain from these
wounds – and is difficult for many, if not most.
In this module, you will learn how releasing
the pain from the past is more complicated
than just “getting over it."

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Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

is an internationally recognized Personal Growth
& Transformational Expert, Author,
Writer, TEDx Speaker, Key Note Speaker,
Emotions Coach and Leadership Trainer
with a passion to help connect people
to their purpose.

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Strategies To
Let The Pain Go

I believe you now know why it is difficult
to release or forgive the past. Also,
WHY forgiveness is so very important for you.
If you don’t forgive, you actually hurt yourself
as well and I sure that is not your wish.
The question that you may now be flirting
with in your mind is this,
“If forgiving is so good for me, how do I let all the pain go?”

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