with Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

BreakOUT Clarity Workshop

A 3 Day Transformation Experience

To Get You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be!

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You need to be INTENTIONAL in getting the results you want in life.  Change begins with YOU and how you want 2020 to be just takes a 'knowing', a 'shifting', and focus on your goals and dreams. 
  • A new business.
  • A new job or career.
  • A higher level of income.
  • A more fulfilling relationships.
  • A greater clarity around your true purpose in life.
  • A higher level of health and physical fitness.
  • A better relationship with your body & yourself.
  • A the achievement of your most ambitious goals.
  • Absolutely anything you imagine and desire!

No matter what your goals are, Laila St Matthew-Daniel will give you the tools and support you need to ascend to a higher level of clarity and actualization in all areas of your life.

By attending the BREAKOUT CLARITY workshop you will:

- Create clarity around your values, purpose     and mission so you can better understand  yourself and what you really want in life
- Overcome emotional barriers, fears and worries that have been holding you back from living a happy and fulfilled life
- Improve the quality of your intimate relationships by better understanding yourself and your partner (or future partner)
- Create a life plan that is designed around you living your values and feeling empowered to live life with purpose
Laila St. Matthew-Daniel is a Clarity, Transformative and Intuitive Expert and known as the 'Mender of the Breach'.
She is referred to as the Clarity Expert because of her uncanny ability to help people and organizations find solutions to any attitudinal, emotional and behavioural issues that affect the individuals ability to perform optimally in whatever they do. She says there is no way to separate your personal life and your work have to learn to integrate them and this requires you to know who you are, what your purpose is, how you want to handle your destiny by being intentional in focusing on your goals, and therefore living your AUTHENTIC LIFE.
When you are not in sync with all of these, you may become successful but there will be a feeling of unachievement and void within you. Again, you may find yourself encountering challenges in your ability to be clear about what you really want to do and you keep moving around in circles. Whatever happens in your personal life reflects on your professional life.

Laila St.MD has spoken at various international events on issues such as 'Optimising emotional capacity to be Productive', Defining Success as a Way of Life; A Woman's Ability to Be A Leader; Harnessing Emotional Trauma; Ways to Lead, Work and Motivate Powerfully; The Inner Way to Career Success, and such like. She has written books on personal growth and emotional healing.

Learn More about The Clarity Expert

WHO THIS IS FOR:      This 3 Day Clarity Workshop is for:

- INDIVIDUALS who want to realign their present status;
- PROFESSIONALS | EXECUTIVES - who need to refocus and access 'what next' on their success ladder
- ENTREPRENEURS - who need to dig deep into their power of creativity.

You Will.....
  • Gain more clarity around your life purpose.
  • Get clear on your passion
  • Overcome limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • Make a change in your life or career.
  • Start or take your business to the next level.
  • Make more money in your job or business.
  • Be clear on your life after retirement.
  • Deepen your relationships.
  • Achieve your biggest dreams and goals.
  • Achieve a major health or fitness goal.
  • Find more joy and freedom in your life.
  • Join a community of high achievers, leaders & entrepreneurs.

Here is What is covered over the THREE DAYS at the BREAK OUT Clarity Workshop - your journey to personal transformation for 2020 success.

DAY 1 – Breakthrough Day:    We dive deep into what you want to achieve by attending the event and break down emotional barriers, stories and fears that have been holding you back in life and then uncover new levels of self-confidence, and the energy for success that is available for you in the NOW. One of our exercises is breaking through 19mm wood boards with your hands in order to break away from the past and prepare for the massive change that’s to come over the next 3 days.

DAY 2 – Reinvent Your Vision & Values:    We work through quantum physics principles, allowing you to discover your individual values, purpose and mission in life so you can move forward in life with confidence. We identify the role of the masculine and feminine energy which helps you to understand the power of these energies and how they affect your current and future relationships. You will gain powerful clarity of what you want in all the areas of your professional and personal life, through Vision Board and create your future goals, mission...unleashing the power of focus so you can experience more abundance in everything that you do. We will cover wealth creation and break through limiting beliefs around money.

DAY 3 – Manifest the AUTHENTIC You:    You will put together all the learnings from the two days and create your life plan - your own master blue print. You will be given strategies to stay motivated and on target, as you work towards your goals so that you can achieve your dreams faster, empowered and living your purpose. It’s Your Time To Thrive and not just Survive.

THRIVE by CHOICE BreakOut Clarity workshop is about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you that can help you breakthrough any limit and create the quality of life you desire and deserve.

Key Benefits of attending THRIVE BY CHOICE 

At the end of the workshop, participants can
  1. Understand who they truly are and why they do or don't do things
  2. Apply the techniques and models learnt in becoming who they truly can be
  3. Distinguish themselves by becoming more purposeful and fulfilled persons
  4. Evaluate their progress in their transformational journey - just getting better at it
  5. Create the Authentic You that makes the difference always.
Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s how a participant in former events describe his experience.
The way Laila St. Matthew-Daniel trains is quite awesome because the modules actually breaks through all barriers. I found that some of my challenges was tied to actually not knowing what I really wanted. I was a mess of clutter of ideas and goals and this got me quite frustrated. Since working with her, I have had clarity in all that I do. I will recommend people to attend any program she has. - Antony Quashie - Lakers Consult.

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The investment in this workshop includes

  1. 3 full days of indepth transformation training with Laila St. Matthew-Daniel which integrates all her growth and development experience.
  2. Surprise SUCCESS Guest Coaches
  3. Bonus surprise gifts
  4. 2 months mentoring coaching session with  Laila St. Matthew-Daniel, after the program
  5. Ongoing support after the event through the Group of Achievers.... to access free materials, more trainings and ongoing support.
  6. Special discounted savings on all her other upcoming events.
  7. Workbook of the Thrive by Choice Breakout Clarity Workshop
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2  Payment Discounts:

1. Payment  before ..........,  2020 - N120,000
2. Group Discount of 5 people or more: N110,000

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Take advantage of these discounts so as to realign your future in 2020.

Note:  By ............, 2020, it will revert back to the NORMAL FEE of N150,000/- 

If you want to attend from out of Lagos...we can recommend discounted hotel accommodation for you.

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So are you ready to CHOOSE to THRIVE and not just survive?

Your work could be more meaningful and rewarding. Your relationships could be more fulfilling. Your bank account balance could be bigger. Your life could be more exciting. Your goals could be more ambitious – and more often achieved. So - what could stop you from achieving this phenomenal life?

What could stop you is if you convince yourself that you can't make the time!  You don't have the kind of money required or you have other things to do with your money.  Or maybe you have a fear of being successful?

Well - whatever your excuses - I want to tell you that you already have everything you need to make your most ambitious dreams a reality. It is WITHIN YOU and all you need to do is to open yourself to it.

Investing in this phenomenal personal development program will assist you to achieve all that you require to live a phenomenal life - in just three days with ME - and other awesome success coaches.  Make that investment!

Do you think it may be late for your to achieve your dreams or goals? Not so because you can make the changes needed to create the life you really want. I know, because I’ve been privileged to watch hundreds of people change their lives through my personal growth programs… and I’ve been there myself…

I have had to go through some challenges of actually being confused as to the real path I should take. My educational base is business management, but I had so many ideas that I wanted to actualize and this frustrated me. This feeling caused me to stagnate. I also had to grapple with some emotional issues which at that point I didn't realise was affecting my success path.

It took an encounter with a personal growth guru, (which I am now) to open my whole perception of what defines success and being successful. I realised that 'making money' without knowing who you really are and your purpose, will lead to inner dissatisfaction, and in trying to deal with that feeling, you could go down the wrong path. You keep wanting more of the wrong things, and end up being even more confused. This has led to 'successful people, going down the depression path and sometimes end up committing suicide. People wonder why - because they seemed to have everything. But did they?

This knowledge led me to decide to empower people to be the best they can be. To look within to find themselves and therefore move from the dysfunctional to the functional and then to living optimally. took a life changing TRAGEDY for me to decide SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.

I discovered that a lot of people were living below their expectations and knew that they were better than the way they were living. But they lacked clarity and without clarity, confusion reigns. They need to challenge themselves, build up their confidence, self-worth and self-love so as to be able to live life on their own terms. .

THE TRUTH IS, life gives us what we need in order to see our own greatness. For some they crumble under the thoughts of their own uniqueness and power while others embrace it.

Every human is born to be amazing yet most allow their past circumstances to dictate their future while others realise their past circumstances are just training for a greater future.

Never let your past define who you should be or who you can be.
It’s your time to THRIVE - and this Workshop will empower you to do that.

WHO THIS IS FOR:      This 3 Day Clarity Workshop is for:
- INDIVIDUALS who want to realign their present status;
- PROFESSIONALS | EXECUTIVES - who need to refocus and access 'what next' on their success ladder
- ENTREPRENEURS - who need to dig deep into their power of creativity

I have discovered that when a person needs something enough, they will pay for it (or save towards it). This Clarity Workshop has a lot of the content that I teach on my online trainings and my writings. So if you can really not afford it and can't save up for it - then follow me on my facebook, instagram and watch out for my live trainings BUT there are a lot of content that you need to be on-site to learn how to apply them.

The BreakOUT Clarity Workshop will be recorded and will be available for a fee to be determined. Aside from that there will be an ONLINE COURSE that will be launched called: Becoming The AUTHENTIC YOU. This will also cover some aspects of the 3 day workshop that is guaranteed to turn your life around for your explosion in the decade starting 2020.

Registration link is on this page. The way you want the decade to be is depended on the decisions and actions you take early enough in 2020.

DATE: ........................., 2020
Venue: Island (to be communicated.
Time: 10am - 5pm each day



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