Rebuilding your life after
Emotional abuse and
Domestic Violence

"This course is designed for survivors of Emotional Abuse
and Domestic violence, and anyone who has been
through any other form of abuse and requires
assistance to move on in their lives."

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Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

is an internationally recognized Personal
Growth & Transformational Expert,
Author, Writer, TEDx Speaker,
Key Note Speaker, Emotions Coach
and Leadership Trainer with a passion
to help connect people to their purpose.

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The objective of the course is to provide
you with the tools and knowledge you
require to heal. The lessons will guide you
to understanding yourself and the exercises
will enable you to dig into yourself and bring
out answers that will enable emotional freedom
for you. They will enable you to learn how to
heal and regain control over your life.

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Course Performance

At the end of this course, you will have been
provided with a practical tool to recognize the
signs you overlooked at the beginning of your
relationship, to avoid a repeat, and be better
prepared to manage other relationships. You will
learn how to take care of yourself; mind, soul & body,
let the past go, live in the ‘now’, and regain your
self-esteem and confidence. "So, let us go in and begin
the journey of rebuilding your life by attaining emotional freedom."

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