YOU are the creative force required to change your story. You will design the path of success that you want.

The Pandemic of COVID-19 has disrupted a lot of things and you need to now Deliberately create INTENTIONS and TRANSFORM your life.

So let me ask you this.....Do you want to live your life with power, with purpose and without pressure for 2020 ?

Then join this life changing masterclass to redesign and change your life for the better. It’s time to become completely UNSTOPPABLE and UNLEASH your potential

At the end of this VB Masterclass, you will be very CLEAR on the reality of your goals and how you will manifest them - and live a focused and deliberate life and begin 2020 on a POWERFUL note.

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel

 is an internationally recognized Personal Growth & Transformational Expert, Author, Writer, TEDx Speaker, Key Note Speaker, Emotions Coach and Leadership Trainer with a passion to help connect people to their purpose.

"When you UNLEASH the power within you, the universe cooperates with you and brings to be what is not."

Laila St. Matthew-Daniel


In this workshop you’ll:

In this workshop you’ll:

- Discover powerful techniques for identifying your dreams & values.

- Learn how to turn create a physical representation of your dreams and goals.

- Experience a higher level of success as you achieve your dreams. 

- Have time to reflect and get clear on what you need to do, be or have to map out your ideal life & lifestyle.

Here are some testimonies from former VB Masterclasses.

Here are some testimonies from former VB Masterclasses.

"I came to the vision board workshop in December because a friend recommended it and I was not sure what to expect. When I started creating my board, I went the normal clinical way I approach things. Then Mrs. D (as we call her) told me to ‘relax’ and let myself flow. By the end, I could not believe I was the one who created the board or that I had inner goals that came out. 2019 is definitely my year of explosive achievements.” - Bisi

"By October, 2018, I had achieve d 80% of goals I had put on my vision board in April 2018. I will recommend this masterclass to those who are serious in manifesting their goals." - Demola

It was a wow experience for me, I feel so excited, elated and awesome. I look at things in a positive light, i sèe my dreams, my vision and aspirations laid out in front of me and the only question I ask myself now is how to achieve them. And I know the HOW will gradually but surely manifest itself by me doing the little thing I know and understand how to do now and with tenacity, focus and persistence I will surely hit the mark. Simply put, it's like a rebirth of a new  me. Zainab Adeojo

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