7 Success Tips for a Side Home Based Business

COVID -19 lockdown brought about a disruption and a complete change in working habits. People had to work from home. Very challenging at first, but gradually people settled down into the ‘new normal’ as it is referred to. After the lockdown was lifted, some organizations worked on an on-off basis. A lot of people had to deal also with mental health issues that came about with being restricted from moving out of the house or immediate environment. This has led to some people deciding to have a ‘supporting’ home based business – referred to as ‘side-hustle’. Whilst this is fine, it comes with its own challenges.

What I want to address are the challenges that have to be considered when operating a business from your home base. I actually built my consultancy/therapy business from a section of my home. My success in doing this led to a lot of people asking how I managed to coordinate my schedules so well and keep things separate. I always answered, ‘easy if you know how’ with a smile. Most really do not have any idea as to the level of commitment and discipline it takes to build a side business from the home.

So if you are thinking of operating a side business from home, or are already doing so but feeling stressed out, I have these tips to assist you to achieve your goals.

1Treat it like a JOB!

First thing you have to do is to treat it like a job. This is so important and has to do with your mindset and perception.  You need to know that if you do not treat it like a job, then you will set yourself up to fail. Even a hobby needs to be taken seriously because a lot of times, what started as a hobby turned into a full fledged business.

2.  Create a work schedule

Not scheduling your time will be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Since you most likely have a job and only a few hours a day to work on your business you don’t want to spend it figuring out what you’re going to be doing during those few hours.  Having scheduled activities, like at your job, will help you be more productive during those limited hours you have available.  Plan your daily tasks for the next day so that you spend your time productively building your business – the follow-up calls, sales calls, and any activities you need to do.

3. Eliminate all distractions

When you work from home one of your biggest enemies will be distractions!  There are all kinds of distractions that will try to steal that you scheduled to build your business.  Things like various social media platforms, taking random phone calls from family or friends, the TV, or just doing random things around the house simply because you are there. If you have a family, then you have to make sure your spouse understands that you need the concentration to work on your business. You have to FOCUS on your business during those few hours of scheduled work time.  Use your time WISELY!

4. Get Support

You may need to get some collaborative support from someone you can trust in the field of business you are in – so that schedules can be met if for any reason you get caught in your main job. It is not too nice for business if you keep disappointing your clients. Excuses after some time will destroy your credibility.

5. Get an Accountability Partner

This will be very helpful to you!  We all need accountability and staying connected with someone that has your best interest at heart is a great way to stay on target to meet your business goals.  

6. Have a Dedicated Place of Work

It is important that you carve out a dedicated place to work – and not just slouch on the settee, the carpet, or the bed. This will enable concentration and focus. Once you do this, your family will respect the space after a while.

7. Get Supportive Apps

There are many applications out there that can assist you in maintaining a schedule. You need to identify what will assist you in your line of business and research on it. I am sure you know that you can get all the information you require on Google. There are free applications and some you may have to pay for.

If you implement these 7 simple steps you will greatly increase your chance for success in your home based business. These are the biggest obstacles that people who want to go into home based businesses or already involved in it face.

If you are struggling with your home based business and looking for Accountability Coaching to help you achieve success, get in touch at: @mendresolutions@gmail.com.

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